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    A Look at Different Types of Chemical Peels

    Last updated 1 year ago

    Chemical peels are among the most popular ways to refresh and restore your appearance, but choosing the right type of peel is not always an easy task for beginners. 

    In this video, you will get a closer look at the types of chemical peels used today. Superficial peels, or light peels, are the most commonly performed type of chemical peel. These peels utilize glycolic acid to make the skin smoother, restore sheen and luster, and create a more even skin tone. Watch this clip to learn more.

    Dr. R. Scott Yarish, M.D., offers a wide variety of non-surgical rejuvenation treatments and chemical peels, including the Obagi Blue peel and the Radiance Peel. Learn more about your options by calling our Houston office at (713) 469-3449. 

    Spotlight on Laser Hair Removal for Men

    Last updated 1 year ago

    Hair removal is not just a concern for women—many men struggle to keep up with eliminating unwanted hair from various areas of the body. If you have been trying to get rid of excess hair through shaving, plucking, or waxing, you may be frustrated with how often you have to remove hair and by how uncomfortable these hair removal options can be. Luckily, there is a better hair removal option available—laser hair removal. Continue reading to learn more about laser hair removal for men.

    How Laser Hair Removal for Men Works

    During laser hair removal, a laser beam is directed at the treatment area. This laser will penetrate the hair shafts and be absorbed by any hair follicles that are actively growing, which will kill the hairs’ roots. The treatment time generally lasts between 10 minutes and an hour, depending on the size of the treatment area. Because laser hair removal only treats hairs that are in the growth phase, more than one treatment is needed to achieve long-lasting hair removal. During the procedure, you may feel minimal discomfort, which can be alleviated through the use of a topical anesthetic. There is no recovery time needed—you’ll be able to go home immediately after your treatment.

    Advantages of Laser Hair Removal for Men

    Laser hair removal offers a number of advantages for men. It is ideal for removing hair from large areas, such as the back or chest. Laser hair removal can also be used to eliminate unwanted hair from more sensitive areas, such as the stomach or neck. Unlike waxing, shaving, and plucking, laser hair removal provides results that last. You may not have to worry about removing any hair from the treatment area for years to come. In addition, modern lasers make it possible to treat individuals with all skin types and hair colors.

    Would you like to schedule a consultation for laser hair removal? If so, call the Houston office of Dr. R. Scott Yarish, M.D. at (713) 469-3449. Our office provides a comfortable treatment environment for both men and women, and we will be happy to help you eliminate unwanted hair. Dr. Yarish also offers plastic surgery services, including liposuction, tummy tucks, and facelifts.

    Which Kind of Microdermabrasion Is Most Effective?

    Last updated 1 year ago

    Microdermabrasion produces a healthy, glowing complexion using fine particles that abrade the skin and remove damaged skin cells. With many microdermabrasion treatment options available, you may wonder which type of treatment is most effective.

    This video shares the results of a recent study conducted at the University of Michigan. The study found that microdermabrasion performed with coarse-grit tools was more effective than treatment with medium- or fine-grit techniques. More abrasive treatments prompt the body to produce more collagen for plumper, smoother skin. 

    Are you interested in improving the look of your skin with microdermabrasion, chemical peels, or laser treatments? Contact Dr. R. Scott Yarish, M.D. of Houston by calling (713) 469-3449 to discuss your treatment options. Check out our website for the latest information on popular surgical and non-surgical skin rejuvenation options.

    Can You Get Laser Hair Removal During Pregnancy?

    Last updated 1 year ago

    Shaving and waxing to remove unwanted hair require diligent and frequent treatment for the best results. During pregnancy, waxing and shaving may become difficult or nearly impossible. If you are looking for an easier, effective, and more permanent way to remove unwanted hair during pregnancy, contact Dr. R. Scott Yarish, M.D. of Houston to find out more about your laser hair removal options.  

    Laser Hair Removal Safety

    There have been no formal studies documenting the safety of laser hair removal during pregnancy. However, The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists has stated that laser hair removal is safe during pregnancy. Many women have chosen laser hair removal during pregnancy without any negative health effects. If you are concerned about the safety of laser hair removal during pregnancy, consult your physician for a personalized evaluation. When scheduling laser hair removal treatments, make sure to visit a qualified qualified physician or plastic surgeon rather than a technician at a spa or salon.

    Laser Hair Removal Recommendations

    Laser hair removal is most often recommended earlier rather than later during a pregnancy to minimize discomfort. Many women experience increased skin sensitivity during pregnancy, which may worsen as your pregnancy progresses. Scheduling treatments earlier in your pregnancy will be more comfortable. If you are planning to breastfeed, you should schedule any laser hair removal around the breast area well before your third trimester. Additionally, you should avoid laser hair removal on the abdomen in your final weeks of pregnancy to avoid discomfort. If you notice the development of dark spots on your skin following laser hair removal, consult your plastic surgeon and stop laser hair removal treatments. Changes in the levels of melanin during pregnancy are common, but may affect the outcome of your hair removal treatments.

    If you’d like more information about laser hair removal in Houston, call Dr. R. Scott Yarish, M.D. at (713) 469-3449. Dr. Yarish has been practicing for over 16 years and is board certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery and The American Board of Cosmetic Surgery. Click through our website to learn more! 

    What Kind of Chemical Peel Is Best for Your Skin?

    Last updated 1 year ago

    A chemical peel is a skin treatment that can address a variety of cosmetic issues. Whether you’d like to correct signs of aging, improve acne breakouts, or reduce skin discoloration, your chemical peel treatment can be targeted to your specific needs. Your plastic surgeon will be happy to discuss the best type of chemical peel to improve your skin for a more radiant and youthful look.

    Light Chemical Peel

    Light chemical peels remove the least amount of skin cells, but also require very little recovery time. These types of peels are best for treating the most superficial cosmetic concerns, such as acne, fine lines and wrinkles, mild skin discoloration, and skin dryness. Light chemical peels can be applied frequently as part of a regular skin care regimen, such as peels designed to eliminate acne and prevent future breakouts.

    Medium Chemical Peel

    Medium depth chemical peels remove more layers of skin than light chemical peels and address deeper lines and wrinkles. A medium chemical peel may also be effective in treating mild scarring from acne. Medium chemical peels can be performed once or repeated every six months to one year as a maintenance procedure.

    Deep Chemical Peels

    The strongest chemical peels, which target the most deeply-embedded skin issues, are called deep peels. A deep peel may cause significant redness and peeling, requiring a longer recovery period. Local anesthetic may be administered prior to treatment. These types of peels address deep wrinkles and folds or significant scarring and discoloration. Deep chemical peels can also be an effective treatment to remove precancerous skin growths or lesions caused by sun damage.

    Dr. R. Scott Yarish, M.D. specializes in both surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures in Houston. Call Town & Country Plastic Surgery today at (713) 469-3449 to schedule a personalized consultation and find out how we can help you improve your skin. Click through our website to learn more about skin rejuvenation, tummy tucks, breast augmentation, and facelifts. 

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