A leading plastic surgeon in Houston specializing in cosmetic surgery procedures and non-surgical rejuvenation treatments, Dr. Yarish has been practicing for over 16 years.

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Who's Your Valentine? - Valentine Selfie Contest

Valentine Selfie Contest - Dr. Yarish

Rules of Play

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1st Place: $300 Town & Country Medical Spa Gift Certificate
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Mary Jo's Transformation

Dr Yarish & Mary Jo

Mary Jo's Account of her Transformation:

“I looked tired and old, and knew it was time to get a face lift. Now, I’m amazed at how great I look, but what really surprises me is how different I feel. It’s true what they say—when you look good you feel good.

It wasn’t a question of do I get a facelift or not, it was a question of when. I saw four different plastic surgeons and chose Dr. Yarish. After I met with him and his staff, I knew he was the one! I trusted him and felt reassured.

I went into my consultation being totally open to Dr. Yarish’s opinions and recommendations. The computer imaging he did was incredibly helpful. I could envision what I may look like after surgery. Imagine that! In addition, the pre-surgery treatments including the vitamin regimen they prescribed, was very helpful. I like that they thought of everything for me and that the package was all-inclusive—there weren’t any surprise add-ons. Plus I am so impressed with Dr. Yarish’s staff. Everyone is so professional and caring. They go above and beyond. It’s a 5-star organization in my opinion.

It’s been over three years and I couldn’t be more pleased with my results,” shares Mary Jo. “Dr. Yarish has a sense of artistry. He doesn’t make you look fake. No one knows I’ve had anything done unless I tell them, and then they are surprised. I try to maintain my appearance by using sunscreen every day and a moisturizer every night. I get some of my skin care products from Dr. Yarish’s office. They help you select the products that will work best for you.”

Mary Jo's Transformation - R Scott Yarish MD

Dr. Yarish Comments on Mary Jo:

“Mary Jo’s before and after pictures speak for themselves. We take each picture using the same technique and lighting. We don’t use any photographic tricks to make our results look better, or before pictures look worse.

Mary Jo looks years younger, and this was the goal—simply to refresh her appearance. People should never look at you and say or think, ‘Oh hey, nice Face Lift and eye job!’ Good Facial Rejuvenation Surgery should result in a very natural appearance. You should look more youthful and rested, but never a windblown looking face.

Starting at the top of Mary Jo’s face, her beautiful eyes were hidden, heavy, and tired looking in her before picture. She didn’t need a Brow Lift, but Upper and Lower Eyelid Surgery was indicated. I transplanted fat from the lower eyelid to the tear trough, and also filled in the hollow of her cheeks with fat lifted from the lower face and jowls. As we age we lose volume in our face. Skin sags and fat migrates to different areas, making other areas appear hollow. Plumping Mary Jo’s cheeks and filling in her tear troughs with fat helped achieve a more youthful appearance versus an aging, hollowed out appearance.

The face lift remarkably diminished Mary Jo’s laugh lines and the nasal labial folds. However, the depths of the vertical lip lines require a chemical peel and nearly eliminated even the the deepest of lines. The peel also softens lines around the crowsfeet and lower lids.

The neck and jawline were lifted in two layers. I tightened the muscle in the neck and removed fat from under the muscle as well as above the muscle underneath the skin. I also tightened the muscle behind the jaw line. This creates a nicely contoured neck and jawline.

Maintenance and preventive skin care is important, and it’s great that Mary Jo maintains her results by using sunscreen and quality skin care products. We help patients maintain optimal results using only three to five products designed to work together, that can address a host of issues including spots, lines, dry skin, and more.”

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