A leading plastic surgeon in Houston specializing in cosmetic surgery procedures and non-surgical rejuvenation treatments, Dr. Yarish has been practicing for over 16 years.

Introducing Vanquish!

The search for effective, painless, noninvasive and permanent fat reduction has just arrived with the introduction of Vanquish!

Vanquish is the newest FDA-approved, non-invasive body contouring treatment. It uses radiofrequency energy to heat and painlessly destroy fat cells without ever touching the skin. Vanquish is ideal for the individual with stubborn fat deposits that don’t resolve with diet and exercise. It can safely treat the abdomen, love handles, flanks, back fat, saddlebags, and inner/outer thigh areas, without pain or downtime.

Call the office at 713-467-4007 to schedule a complementary consultation and inquire to learn more about our introductory offer!

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