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Reclaiming Your Pre-Baby Body with a Tummy Tuck

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Pregnancy and childbirth can be hard on your body; changes in weight and physical size can have lasting effects that diet and exercise may not fully address. A tummy tuck procedure removes excess skin from the abdomen, while also repairing or tightening the muscles of the abdominal wall. Dr. Yarish can perform a quick evaluation of your body and your health to determine whether this plastic surgery option is right for you.

Pregnancy and Diastasis Recti
During pregnancy, the abdominal muscles are stretched and strained by the growing size of the fetus and uterus. Diastasis recti is a common result of this stretching, which occurs when the space between the right and left abdominal muscles widens. Even after giving birth, this space does not decrease, which causes the abdominal area to remain lax and extended. Because diastasis recti can only be resolved via surgery, no amount of toning exercises or further weight loss will improve the appearance of the abdomen.

Addressing Diastasis Recti with a Tummy Tuck
During tummy tuck surgery, your plastic surgeon removes excess skin and fat from the stomach area. If you are suffering from diastasis recti, he can also correct this condition by repairing and repositioning the abdominal muscles during surgery. After your surgery, maintaining a healthy regimen of balanced meals and physical activity can help you maintain the results so you can enjoy your pre-baby body as you watch your family continue to grow.

Are you looking to reclaim your pre-baby body? Dr. R. Scott Yarish, M.D. specializes in plastic surgery for the face and body, including tummy tuck, breast augmentation, and laser vein therapy in Houston for new mothers. You can find out more about our med spa and the treatments we offer on our website or by calling (713) 467-0146 for personalized information.

What to Expect from Thigh Lift Surgery

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For men and women alike, gaining weight almost always leads to excess amounts of fat in the inner and outer thighs. Unfortunately, gaining weight also creates excess skin, which can droop and sag in a very visible, frustrating way—even after you have lost the weight. If you have recently rid yourself of some extra pounds but have found that dieting and exercise are of little help in removing excess thigh tissue, you may want to talk to Dr. Yarish about a thigh lift to remove unsightly skin and fat from the upper leg area.

You can find out more about how a thigh lift procedure works by calling Dr. Scott Yarish of Houston’s Yarish Plastic Surgery. Dr. Yarish offers non-surgical rejuvenation treatments as well, including a full med spa. Visit us at our website or call 713-467-0146 to learn more about our innovative cosmetic procedures.

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